Kal-El and Bruce Wayne. Superman and Batman. God and tycoon. They're two superheroes almost too colossal for one magazine, but for this month's Empire we pushed the furniture up against the wall, rolled up the carpet and made room for this pair of DC behemoths. There are two Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice covers to pick from and, inside the issue, a wealth of exclusive access to Zack Snyder's gigantic superhero mash. Plus if you subscribe, you would have received an ultra-collectable Jim Lee cover.

That's not all! We also visit the set of The Daughter, talk to Jon Favreau about The Jungle Book, moonwalk our way through a Captain Eo retrospective, talk to Helen Mirren about her brilliant career and reveal the scariest film of the year.

And you get a The Jungle Book poster and the final part of our MEGA The Force Awakens poster. Get that blu-tac ready!

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  • Massive Batman V Superman 23-Page Preview
  • Helen Mirren: The Big Intreview
  • Jon Favreau on The Jungle Book
  • The Daughter set visit
  • Captain Eo retrospective
  • The Witch gets scary
  • Dad's Army cast interviews