The new issue of Empire has landed, replete with big-screen evil in all its guises and two covers to choose from.

Suicide Squad are on the cover and within is a history of The Joker and a celebration of the 50 most hissable screen villains (and their cats). The Child Catcher, Chigurh, Nurse Ratched, Dracula… they're all here in Empire's rogue's gallery. To find out who's our Number 1, how many are played by Joe Pesci and whether or not Emperor Zurg makes the list, just pick up the new Empire from your nearest newsagent. As we like to say around here, there's a lot of good - and plenty of evil - stuff inside the issue.

Not forgetting four awesome posters: Two from Suicide Squad including an exclusive Vance Kelly artwork and two Ghostbusters promos, one for the original and one from the reboot.

Plus all the usual news, reviews and interviews. Buy both covers now!


August Issue On Sale Now
  • On location with the Suicide Squad
  • 50 Greatest Movie Villains
  • 76 Years of The Joker
  • Romeo + Juliet retrospective
  • Christopher Walken interview
  • On the road with David Brent