This week brings a new Empire, filled with Rogue One-ish goodness and much else besides. We tracked down Gareth Edwards and, using techniques we definitely "didn't" get from this dog-eared copy of 'How To Interrogate Bothans', coaxed him into explaining the film's title and taking us into the inner workings of Lucasfilm's first anthology movie. Elsewhere, there's new looks at everything from Woman Woman to Kong: Skull Island, with Miss Peregrine and The Greasy Strangler thrown in for good measure. Oh and we also interview two chaps called Paul McCartney and Ringo Star about a band they used to be in. As you, love me, do.

Not forgetting four awesome Rogue One posters and all the usual news, reviews and interviews. Buy both covers now!


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  • Star Wars Rogue One Preview
  • Paul McCartney & Ringo Star
  • First look: WONDER WOMAN
  • ALIENS retrospective
  • robert redford interview
  • Tim Burton on miss peregrine