Will Warcraft break the video game movie curse? That's the big question Empire asked director Duncan Jones and his cast when we headed to Vancouver to visit the set of the video game phenomenon turned blockbuster.

Plus we talk to the four actresses who will be ghost busting this year in the hotly anticipated reboot and Dan Akroyd writes for Empire with an exculsive look back at his life as a ghostbuster.

And be sure to check out our director's special as Richard Linklater talks about his favourte actors, Shane Black looks back at his weird career, Don Cheadle blows his own trumpet and Jodie Foster reminisces about Silence Of The Lambs.

Not forgetting four awesome posters: Doctor Strange, Dr. Strangelove, Warcraft and Hunt For The Wilderpeople and all the usual news, reviews and interviews. Buy it now!


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  • On location with Warcraft
  • Richard Linklater's favourite actors
  • Silence Of The Lambs
  • Shane Black talks The Nice Guys
  • Ghostbusters Set Visit
  • Rose Byrne interview
  • The Hateful 8 Viewing Guide